We are storytellers.

As journalists and documentary filmmakers, we’ve done it for a living. Anyone can shoot a pretty picture, but what separates us is that we make those pictures tell your story.

our background

In the immortal words of Frank Sinatra: If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere.  (And I guess Liza Minelli, if you want to get technical.)

We cut our production teeth in New York City, working in network television and advertising for well over a decade each.  And we learned our craft the old-fashioned way: starting as interns fetching coffee & cigarettes… logging tapes at 2am as production assistants… and juggling shoots, schedules, and eccentric celebrities as producers. As they like to say in the business: this ain’t our first rodeo.

And now we’re bringing the same dedication and passion to your projects.

our expertise

We like to think storytelling is simply in our blood.  When you spend hours as a kid creating an entire narrative out of the characters you see in clouds then you’re bound to end up telling stories for a living. So yes, that’s exactly what we became when we grew up.  Now we take your cloud and spin it into an engaging story.  A lot of people can shoot a pretty picture, but what separates us is that we’re the best at making those pictures mean something.  We do that not only through compelling writing (who said majoring in English was a bad idea?), but also with a captivating visual style. We deliver a clear and specific story – your story.

We’re continually inspired by our clients’ ideas and innovations, which in turn makes our work together not so much a creative process but rather a flow. And you know what? We genuinely love what we do, and we think that shows in all of the work we create.